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Massage & Spa Treatments

Swedish Massage

The classic soothing massage designed to reduce stress and promote relaxation. It rejuvenates and restores balance to the body and mind, making you feel at peace for all the things life throws our way.
     30 Minutes - $35     60 Minutes - $65     90 Minutes - $95      

Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic treatment focused on employing deep kneading, stripping, and circular techniques on specific muscle groups. This massage flushes toxins and metabolic waste from the body (which is why it is crucial to drink plenty of water before and after a massage to flush all these wastes from the body.) Deep Tissue enhances the immune system and direct pressure applied to your "knots" provides immediate relief of tension. (Recommended for those who enjoy and prefer firmer and more targeted pressure.

     30 Minutes - $40     60 Minutes - $70     90 Minutes  - $100


Hot Stone Massage
One of the most pampering and relaxing, "feel-good" massages using heated, smoothly-polished, basalt lava stones. The warmed stones are first lined along the spine with a larger sacrum stone placed at the base of the back. Other parts of the body are massaged while the heat from the stones deeply penetrates, relaxes, and loosens tension-filled muscles. (This massage not only feels amazing but will leave you feeling like mush, making knots and tension easier to rid.)
60 Minutes - $75      90 Minutes  - $105      


Cold Stone Massage
Cooled White Jade Stones are used to reduce swelling and inflammation, minimize muscle soreness, decrease muscle spasms, and pull heat away from the body. Smaller stones may be placed strategically on the face to relieve tired and puffy eyes, alleviate sinus pressure by reducing congestion and nasal swelling, and encourage the reduction of the appearance of dark circles. (Cryotherapy, cold therapy, is great for cooling off during these hot summer months, as well as relieving headaches and migraines or sore and inflamed muscles.)
Add-on to any massage for $10

Prenatal Massage
Prenatal, or pregnancy, massage is very soothing and relaxing for the expectant mother as it helps with muscle soreness in the low back/hip area and tired and achy legs and feet, as your body continues to make the necessary changes for your baby to make his or her debut!  This side-lying massage increases blood flow, and reduces stress which is very important during pregnancy. Must be at least 12 weeks along with a normal (non high-risk) pregnancy. If concerns arise, please contact your doctor before scheduling.We strive to offer you the most effective and safest treatment possible for both you and the baby.
60 Minutes - $65
Pure Sole Reflexology Massage
Reflexology origins date back to ancient Egypt, and is based on the principle that the feet, divided into ten zones, are a mirror image of the body. Each reflex zone corresponds to a part of the body. This not only helps balance the body, but is also deeply relaxing and invigorating.
15 Minutes - $25
TMJ Massage
(Temporal Mandibular Joint Massage)
For those who cannot open their mouth very wide without pain or have trouble with the jaw and cheek area. This is a TMJ Massage only. Great add-on to a Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage.
15 Minutes - $15
Headache & Sinus Relief Massage
Those suffering from chronic tension-headaches or sinus pains can really benefit from this massage. Beginning with a nice cool mask over the eyes and concluding with peppermint oil used on the face and the scalp, this treatment not only helps to open and release sinuses by targeting specific sinus pressure points, but reduces tension headaches as well. Coming Soon: Eye packs (filled with flax seed and scented with your choice of essential oil) can be used as a hot or cold pack and will be available for sale, so you can continue this beneficial relief in the convenience of your own home.  
 *Can also be added onto any massage for $5
Chair Massage
Seated massage is perfect for those who are pinched for time or are only looking for a quick and easy massage. Also ideal for those who have never received a massage before, but want to "test the waters before diving in."
*Chair massage is available for conventions, special events, private parties, or work locations. A great gift for your employees! Call Indulgence Spa at 918-376-4446 or send an email to [email protected] for more information and details or to plan your next event!
Per Minute - $1 *Normally 15 Mins - $15 or 30 Mins -  $30, if individual session at spa

Additional Add-On's & Options

15 Min. Full Body Dry Brushing - $15

Aromatherapy with hot towels - $5

Biofreeze Treatment to any Massage for $2

Rosemary Mint or Peppermint Foot Scrub $10

Migraine Relief Treatment $15